Win More Than Just Business

As Business World UK knows, taking work abroad can often be difficult and a rushed affair.  One particular harassed aspect of business travel is often making last minute reservations and packing a carry-on.  You’re thinking about the work, just getting there on time, and getting everything done to a standard of excellence.  You’re not really thinking about what to pack beyond the business essentials, certainly not the downtime afterwards, or the free moments when leisure is to be had or famous Read more [...]

Cheap Hotels for Business Travellers

The Accor hotel group rebranded and expanded its Ibis portfolio in 2012 with a £24million televised ‘Big Bang’ campaign, the first the company had done.  As a result, Ibis is now the largest hotel brand in Europe.  With 1600 properties in over 55 countries, offering competitive rates under three subdivisions – Ibis Standard, Style, and Budget – Ibis has become fierce competition in 2013. {source} Budget hotels are thriving.  Nevertheless, although Travelodge has already branched out Read more [...]

Top 5 Rooftop Bars in the World

It’s a rather good business ploy to utilise all available space. If it’s there, and the business owner needs to pay rent on the space, then why not use it to squeeze in a few more customers? This is perhaps why so many hotels and clubs have converted their rooftops into gorgeous bars with sensational views. Photo: Stewart White They just need to invest in a barrier of some description so that patrons don’t tumble off the edge after enjoying a few too many beers and gyrating to whatever Read more [...]

007 of Bond’s Best Destinations

He may not look it, but James Bond turns 50 this year, or at least the character celebrates half a century on the big screen. Ian Flemming’s classic British spy has grown into an international phenomenon that has taken his 007 status around the globe. Live the lifestyle with a visit to these seven best destinations from the Bond movies. 1. Jamaica Photo by:  axle_foley00. Jamaica is thick with Bond history. Ian Flemming wrote several of the Bond books while staying on the island and Read more [...]

Top 10 Tips for Finding Wi-Fi When You Travel

For many business travellers  a trip away equates to nothing more exciting than staring at the wall of your hotel room or the cubicle of a satellite office. However, as the world-wide-web spreads its network via Wi-Fi, it’s possible to unplug and work from a broader range of locations, taking in a greater slice of the local culture or squeeze in extra activities as you do so. Here are 10 tips for escaping your hotel room and finding Wi-Fi when you travel. 1.     Check out fast food chains Photo: Tony Read more [...]

The Eurostar: Sit Back, Relax… You’re There

Flitting back and forth from city to city, or country to country, can take its toll on any keen travelling businessman. While you might enjoy being in a different city every day, odds are the novelty of travelling every day (much like the excitement of your first commute on the London Underground) will quickly wear off. {Eurostar} All too soon, business travellers will seek the easiest, cheapest and most comfortable option. But often you need to compromise... the bus is cheap, but it isn't Read more [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Holiday

Somewhere over the last few decades we have morphed into a 24/7 business world, ever connected and stretched to the maximum and with many companies applying a ‘use it or lose it’ approach to annual leave, taking a time away from the office and detached from emails is a luxury that many of us never fully indulge. But taking a break is more than an indulgence. Here are five reasons why you should take a holiday. And, no, this isn't about business trips abroad - this is about having a hard earned Read more [...]

Top 5 Best Rooftop Bars in New York

A business trip doesn’t have to be all work and no play. When the day’s meetings are over, multitask by taking in the sights of Manhattan’s iconic skyline while relaxing over your favourite tipple at one of these rooftop bars. 1.     Bookmarks Lounge, Library Hotel Image courtesy of Library Hotel Connection. Bookmark’s Lounge isn’t your standard rooftop bar. Situated on the 14th floor of the Library Hotel, the outdoor terrace, Writer’s Den and Poetry Garden have a distinctly Read more [...]

Packing a Travel Office

Travel isn’t always for pleasure with many people travelling for business purposes. Fortunately, technology innovations mean that you no longer need to take the equivalent of your work cubicle with you. With this checklist it is possible to turn a small, well-packed laptop bag into a portable office. Working on the go is more achievable thanks to technology innovations. Essential hardware There are some items that are vital for working away from the office and this hardware should be at Read more [...]